How do you deal with people who are so different from you being in your space? Is learning how to accommodate them part of growing up. I am a neat freak, a total neat freak. My bedding is all white. My carpets are either black or white. I do my bed immediately after getting up and clean my house – bathroom and all on daily basis.

My sister is over. She’s clean but not tidy.


– I think the issue with this country is the discrepancy between our culture(which is not democratic) and the government model(democracy) we claim to be using. We are a mess.

– I don’t think it’s possible to have a long-term sex buddy. Feelings develop. And most important consistency in availability is an issue.

– Dudes please if you are in meeting and food matters e.g. Cooking, serving etc arise please don’t suggest it be left to the women. Either volunteer yourself or be quiet.

– Also I think it’s high time we learned that most of what we consider to be gender identity behaviors are culturally based and not biological.

– Kenyans are church/religion recruiters. There’s always someone trying to convince you that their church/pastor or religion is better than yours and that you should now join theirs. Funny though is that they do this by telling you all the bad things about yours instead of by telling you the good things about theirs.

– whoever told men that they can’t get a woman or date when they are broke should get a special corner in hell.

– based on my experience/observations I think that men in this country need more avenues to express themselves emotionally. Many are walking wounds. Part of the issue of the issue is the disconnect I pointed out earlier between our culture and government. Also many are struggling with not being able to be what they were raised to believe is a real man.

– Love you. Love yourz.

We’ve got to stop portraying to women that their outmost worth is based on whether they are dateable, marriageable and/or impregnable.

We’ve got to stop telling(verbally and nonverbally) them that no matter how passionate they are about life outside of the three, with time they’ll have to at least adopt one of three into their lifestyles or lose a chance at being a dignified human being. 

We also need to stop treating marriage as a favour to women. Or even a basic need.

The struggle to stay relevant is major within urbanite Kenyans. What worries/baffles me most is people’s definition of what’s relavant. Now I know that such is culturally/socially constructed. And yes, from a behavioral point of view, what’s rewarded is what persists. However, this doesn’t excuse for us not questioning the way things are, like why it is that some behaviours are rewarded and others punished, or who is at the lead of determining what’s socially/culturally acceptable and whether emulating their ideologies would be smart or how contextually realistic what’s rewarded is etc

I experience a lot of people facing a great lot of struggle trying to maintain a persona that’s not theirs but what they think will make them more relavant or important. From faking accents, struggling to speak in English only, lying about where they from, borrowing cars for dates, listening to certain genres of music because all others are of poverty (read ghetto), to only posting very revised and orchestrated personalities on social media etc

Personally, I see this as an issue of lack of contentment and self-belief. You aren’t satisfied with who you presently are as a person, where you are in life, with your background etc hence you display what you think would add you relevance. and very toxic if done to impresses others. If you are living your life with the aim of impressing others by putting on what you think they’d like to see you are in losing battle.

Tosheka with yourself and you will envy no one, be in competition with no one but yourself or compare yourself with no one but the yesterday you.

I have been a good (good in my books) girl nowadays. I have been getting a lot done. At the beginning of this month I decided that I should read 50 books this year – I read four this week.

I have also been volunteering at Mathari Hospital for the past three months – it has been a great exexperience. One of my patients wrote me the best thanks giving letter u have ever received.

Arabic is going well – I have finals next week and then I am on to level 2 انشالله(insha’Allah).

There’s a boy.

I am loving Peter Tosh. I know I have already said this.

I judge heavily people who just throw out trash anywhere. Why?!

Get all the advise there is but be careful which one you choose to apply to your life.

That’s all.